Blog: Less Than Enthusiastic Response To GAG II - 2013-12-13

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F376.png Less Than Enthusiastic Response To GAG II December 13, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

A report from one of our Bay area Special Correspondents with some perspective on the recent events replayed in the local orgs. Not a lot of detail about the contents of the events, but an interesting overview of the state of these "ideal" orgs and their public.

One thing is certain — I recently listened to an audio recording from one of these events — the Shermanspeak has reached absolutely mind-numbing levels.

Voldemort never utters a simple sentence. Long, run on, convoluted wordplay peppered with "if that wasnt enough" and "not withstanding" and "not to mention" and all manner of other contortionist twists and devices. You literally move from one seal clapping pause to the next wondering what just happened and what, if anything, He said. Word are coming out but they seem to be some strange foreign language (Shermanspeak?) that has its own rules of grammar, sentence structure and meaning of words. Although I did catch Him proclaiming that GAG II "is the greatest recovery of lost tech ever" and it is "busting open eternity."