Blog: Liar, Liar Your Pants Are On Fire - 2013-08-02

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F376.png Liar, Liar Your Pants Are On Fire August 2, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Does KoolAid completely eradicate all memories? Or simply suppress the inclination to ever question contrary facts and lies if they come from He Who Is Infallible?

You will probably recall that a few weeks ago, the Silver Anniversary Maiden Voyage was cancelled. Instead there was a special summer event. It was VITALLY important. Promoted heavily for weeks.

It turned out to be a "ONE TIME ONLY" showing of what has now been called "The Turning Point" — the greatest single moment of self-congratulation in a career of patting Himself on the back that is an embarrassment of riches — the 1993 IAS event announcing the end of all possible governmental oversight into the activities of the Church of Scientology and the last barrier to Him being able to seize total control of the church.