Blog: Library Campaign Still Being Flogged - 2014-09-07

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F376.png Library Campaign Still Being Flogged September 7, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Of course, there are ALWAYS one or more "campaigns" to get books into libraries. There have been plenty of reports of people subsequently checking the libraries and finding no or few books, return of books from numerous libraries and copies of still wrapped books on the "10 cent table" at library "get rid of the junk we don't want" sales.

So, it is hardly a surprise to see a new campaign (this one has been sent out again recently even though it says they are shooting to have it "done for Maiden Voyage") for an old book that supposedly was ALREADY in all libraries around the world when it was first published. It has not been "revised" as it was a compilation of HCOB's to begin with. And unless there is something I am not aware of — the only changes in the GAG II Purif are the "standard" vitamin dispenser and uniforms all participants are expected to wear. Nothing that appears in CBCM even so.

But, there are some interesting things in this "new campaign."