Blog: Life is So Much Better Since I Left Scientology - 2017-12-30

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F376.png Life is So Much Better Since I Left Scientology December 30, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

At First Scientology used to be fun—at least back in the day when I got involved. Everyone was young and looking to hook up. We'd go dancing at clubs after course. People threw parties in cheap rentals on the weekends. We'd get naked and sit in hot tubs under the stars— and if we didn't have to be on course the next day, we'd drink wine and beer.

After a while, so many people were getting married, my significant other and I talked about budgeting money for wedding presents. The OT Levels were pie in the sky, the local Mission was far from ideal but always full, and eventually, we got married, too. A few years later, people started having babies. We may have been poor but times were good.