Blog: Listen to Ron - 2018-07-02

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F376.png Listen to Ron July 2, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Through the manufacture of fear, scarcity and even hysteria — individuals in society can be brought under control and conformity.

This is a quote from Hubbard that is perfectly clear and one he apparently took to heart (They don't actually give his quote about the true danger of the atomic bomb which I bet is a beauty based on his "research" on the danger of radiation...)

Fear and scarcity? Like what scientologists are taught about scientology being the ONLY HOPE of mankind in endless trillions of years and the last chance before black nothingness descends on the universe? Or that psychiatrists are whole-track implanters intent upon enslaving all man? Or the Fifth Invaders are watching and ready to descend on earth once more. Or that this is a prison planet populated by people consigned to eternity by an evil galactic overlord. Or how about the good old reactive mind that everyone has that causes them to commit involuntary self-destructive acts?