Blog: Lois (Jory) Reisdorf Story - Part 4 (1977) - 2016-11-28

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F376.png Lois (Jory) Reisdorf Story - Part 4 (1977) November 28, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It


1977 Started off really great with my marriage to Gary.

Gary Reisdorf and I started going together from the time we arrived in La Quinta in 1976 and planned to get married as soon as we could, but due to my age I needed parental approval. We had to wait for quite a few months for that approval from my parents due to the slow lines between the US and South Africa. In the letters to my Mom I constantly asked for them to send the approval papers. I was also describing the wedding, my dress etc. I even drew pictures of what the dress was going to look like. I sewed my own dress on the sewing machine LRH had bought for us messengers. It was quite beautiful and was pretty good sewing for a 16 year old! I still have it.