Blog: Lois Reisdorf - Part 2 (LRH on the Apollo) - 2016-11-12

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F376.png Lois Reisdorf - Part 2 (LRH on the Apollo) November 12, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

See Part 1 here.

MY LIFE WITH LRH (1973-1980)

Most people perceive things differently. If there is a car accident and there are 3 witnesses, sometimes all 3 could see a different color car etc. My stories with LRH are from my perspective and I am very sure other messengers may perceive things differently. These are also stories from the best I can recollect them as a very young, naïve person and from my perspective at the time. Obviously now being middle aged and WAY wiser, I can look back and see how I acted or perceived things through rose colored glasses.