Blog: Lois Reisdorf Part 7 - 2017-01-02

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F376.png Lois Reisdorf Part 7 January 2, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

In about August 1981 Dede Reisdorf Voegeding had been removed from her position as CO CMO INT and was doing manual labor. This is described in Part 6. Her sister Gale Reisdorf Irwin who had been the deputy CO CMO INT (mainly dealing with "internal" CMO matters), was now made CO, which also included holding the position of Chairman of WDC. Gale did not receive a "hat turnover" for this new position, and was now responsible for all of International Management of Scn. From August to December of 1982 – the atmosphere at Int (Gold in Hemet, CA) was unbelievable, Gale was feeling very overwhelmed by all her responsibilities. This is the period of time I thought I was living in some alternate universe. The stress level was palpable amongst all of us. I lost a lot of weight as I could not eat; I was just a nervous wreck. David Miscavige (DM) was acting out of control and no-one really knew what was going on.

Gale was finding it incredibly hard to deal with her two posts while also attending secret meetings with Pat Broeker that would go for hours at any hour of the day or night. Usually Gale and DM would drive to a payphone to make the connection and then wait for Pat. They would meet at a fancy restaurant near LAX airport. Pat and DM mainly chatted about nothing important. Gale therefore decided that it was better for her to just focus on church management and for DM to deal with Pat. DM then started going on his own to meet with Pat. This is when things started going downhill for Gale.

As WDC, we started receiving "orders" which were apparently from LRH wanting to know about the International statistics and what was happening in the church. We had no way to know for sure if these orders were coming from LRH or from Pat as there were no signatures, but we assumed they were coming from LRH. Each WDC member then started preparing reports for LRH to read about each sector of the church – for instance – one person would do a report on the stats for Europe, or Africa, or Flag Service Org. Taking into account LRH had had no info on what had been happening for more than a year.