Blog: London "Ideal" Org - Still Failing After All These Years - 2017-11-05

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F376.png London "Ideal" Org - Still Failing After All These Years November 5, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Twelve years after becoming "Ideal" and combining two orgs into one (London and CC London) London is STILL not SH Size.

The building IS magnificent. And they have a separate Test Center on an enormously busy street (the former London Org premises).

If you took all the times they have announced their "highest ever expansion" and "bigger," "better" and "faster" over those years it would be more words than are found in DMSMH. But nobody seems to notice that despite them claiming all this incredible expansion they have not even achieved the "make-break point" of an org. St Hill size. L. Ron Hubbard said this is when the staff earn a living wage — which is the purpose of "St Hill Size"...