Blog: London Calling - 2014-02-02

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F376.png London Calling February 2, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is a report sent in from a Special Correspondent that was originally in response to an earlier posting about the New Years video. It deserves its own posting as by the time we ironed out the difficulties getting the shots, there was a new posting up and this would have been lost. A lot of specifics about the state of this "Ideal Org" confirm everything else that is being reported about orgs around the world. Remember, this is the org that is so heavily hyped in the "We Are Clearing The UK" idiocy that routinely emanates from inside the bubble. This is also an org that cost 10 million POUNDS to purchase, let alone renovate to the opulent standards of Dear Leader. Not one thin dime of that investment has been returned in terms of increased production.

Thanks for posting this summary and link Mike. As I was neither willing or able to stomach any more than I absolutely needed to, I skipped straight to the items closer to home and saved myself from the restimulation of bygone events and from the further agony of listening to our great tongue being relentlessly cannibalised. You have my eternal admiration for actually sitting through this stuff, especially when, these days, you really don't have to! (As an aside, I've always wondered about/pitied the poor souls who have to translate this garbage into something intelligible for their respective non-English-speaking audiences. How long does that actually take? The mind boggles with the potential linguistic gymnastics involved. What side checks are in place for final approval? And can any suicides be traced back to here? It's truly enough to make one shudder.)

My primary interest was the segment on London, but before I give you my 2 cents worth, here's the current state of London Org at Queen Victoria Street and the LI/Test Centre at Tottenham Court Road (with some comparisons to yesteryear where known).