Blog: Look, We ARE Clearing the Planet - 2016-10-02

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F376.png Look, We ARE Clearing the Planet October 2, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

OK - forget about clearing the Confederacy for now. Let's just focus on Clearing the planet. Or any entity. And let's use the best case scenario they have to offer. The one they talk about most. The idealiest of all orgs that was taken over by 200 of the elite of the planet cause over everything SO members.

This is their latest promo piece boasting of their stupendously epic milestone achievements. Well, let's do some math.

Taking what they say as true (highly unlikely) and granting them that every "NED Case Completion" went on to become Clear (also highly unlikely), this, the biggest, baddest, idealiest, model, double SH Size org has produced 360 clears in 2 years. This magnificent achievement is apparently cause for celebration.