Blog: Louis Farrakhan gets L. Ron Hubbard - 2010-08-22

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F0.png Louis Farrakhan gets L. Ron Hubbard August 22, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

I highly recommend that you dial into and watch and listen to the Louis Farrakhan's Sunday 22 August, 2010 sermon, titled Put On The New Man. It is approximately 1 ½ hours long.

I watched the live webcast of the sermon this morning.

Farrakhan does not mention the words Hubbard, Scientology, or Dianetics – but his sermon is so throroughly strewn with LRH's nomenclature, there is no doubt to what he is referring to. He announces that at a smaller gathering of more trusted people scheduled for this Tuesday he is going to connect the dots and speak in more particulars to that which he not so vaguely refers.