Blog: Lying in Miscavige's $70 Million Bunker - 2010-08-19

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F0.png Lying in Miscavige's $70 Million Bunker August 19, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Miscavige and his minions are painting themselves into the lower corner of the RTC bunker by virtue of being forced to make sworn representations; a slippery slope for a pack of liars.

Warren McShane swore out a complaint to the Riverside County Sheriff's Office. A copy of the resultant Sheriff's report was obtained by the Headleys' lawyers and it was filed in their cases in support of their opposition to the church's motion for summary judgment. A link to the document, along with the Church's urgent motion to strike it from the record, is at the bottom of this report. Note in the motion that the church denies Warren made any such report to the Sheriff.

The complaint was filed based on a photo of Tom Cruise's and David Miscavige's motorcycles appearing on my blog. (words in italics are quotations from the official documents.)