Blog: Madness from Coast to Coast - the Mosquitoes - 2010-10-10

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F0.png Madness from Coast to Coast - the Mosquitoes October 10, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Well, 36 hours after Daniel's departure from Tiziano and Jamie's, six full time PIs still have the place under surveillance. $30,000 to $50,000 spent per day, conservative estimate, in an attempt to cave in this couple. Product? $30,000 to $50,000 a day wasted, and their image as a radical, bullying cult more firmly etched in the public mind.

All the while, Lil' Dave Lebow has been in Clearwater orchestrating full-time harrassment against Mike Rinder.

Some people have expressed to me the concern that my graphic reporting of the Radical Scientology Cult PI hijinks might tend to back off people who would otherwise step forward to help in the cause. That may be so. But, those who consider backing off ought to know that we are beginning to expererience a major tipping point that I suggested several months ago that we might see sooner or later. That is, when enough people stand up to the bullying rather than do what Miscavige intends the targets of his harassment to do - that is, shrink and crawl quietly into darkness - the in terorrem effect will, once and for all, be lost. Remember, Miscavige has two missiles in his arsenal. One, intimidation with seemingly unlmited chutzpah and money in order to wear one down to the attitude of "it is not worth it any more." Two, when "one" has had its intended effect, use seemingly unlimited funds to either a) make the legal and PR trouble he has created with this over-the-top intimidation tactics go away, or b) throw the target a bone to settle and go away quietly. I also said from the beginning that breaking the mafia-like monopoly of terror Miscavige runs is inevitable because we are a new breed of cat. We are immune to both missiles in his arsenal. We just ain't afraid, and we are not buyable at any price.