Blog: Maiden Voyage Event 1 - 2016-07-20

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F376.png Maiden Voyage Event 1 July 20, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is the second posting in the coverage of this year's Maiden Voyage. Yesterday's post is here.

Things got off to a bang at "Opening Night" - traditionally consisting of the "Rolling Thunder" presentation, some hype about the number of inches of sea traversed by the Moneywinds and joking and degrading at the expense of the "OT Ambassadors."

Dear Leader set the stage with a huge, bald-faced lie — "in full"(?) "just since last year, the number of scientologists advancing up the bridge has multiplied ten times over." This is just pulled out of his ass. Much like the 46X before and the 5X more in the last decade than in the 50 years previously. Of course there was NOTHING whatsoever anywhere that demonstrates any such thing. No orgs overflowing with people. Not even ONE. The FSO empty. All AO's empty. And a "new OT VIII emerges every day" - which even if it were TRUE means that up til last year they were making an OT VIII once every 10 days, and their current rate is so pathetically tiny as to be completely insignificant in the overall scheme of things and certainly nothing close to "we are fast approaching power on this planet, and our influence is already vast."