Blog: Maiden Voyage Event 3 - 2016-07-24

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F376.png Maiden Voyage Event 3 July 24, 2016, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The third event of the 2016 Maiden Voyage week of extravaganza seems to have lived up to all that has gone before when it comes to IAS briefings.

Ridiculous hype about events in far off places that should strain even the most ardent sheeple's credulity. Announced victories over destroyed enemies — the same "victories" over psychiatry that have been announced year after year. According to the impeccable news source Int Scn News/David Miscavige, by this time psychiatry should have long since ceased to exist, but in the real world they seem to be doing just fine with new buildings that actually have people in them. And of course there are the massive, milestone legal victories - yet 50 years on the overall scene just doesn't seem to change with legal/government problems all over the place.

But one thing is true: this IS what donations to the IAS buy - a huge amount of hype and lies claiming accomplishments that do not exist.