Blog: Making an "Ideal" World - 2019-07-31

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F376.png Making an "Ideal" World July 31, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

The "ideal" nuttiness is seeping into every corner of scientology. After 16 years of the "ideal org" program being pushed as the "solution" (and the carrot for release of "OT IX and X"), "ideal" has become a scientology catchphrase. Of cpurse, it is a successful means of getting cash, so why not? There are now ideal orgs, ideal AOs, ideal Narconons, ideal Missions, ideal accommodations and even ideal families...

Still, idealiness notwithstanding, it seems life in the scientology bubble is not all unicorns and butterflies. The ideal org program has ground to a slow and painful state of bedridden terminal illness. The ideal Narconon plan has been a complete flop. Ideal missions have had a few flash in the pans like Ocala (now deserted) and South Coast but very little news on this front at all.

Apparently the Foothills Mission is not making enough money to buy carpets from their dance, art, baking or their first lessons. So, they are back trying out playing the "ideal" card again. They don't seem to do much scientology — if only they could get someone interested in that stuff it is highly profitable. $500 an hour for a person in a room with an emeter is easy money. Alas, they don't seem able to pull that off.