Blog: Massive International Expansion Lies - 2018-05-09

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F376.png Massive International Expansion Lies May 9, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

From the latest edition of Source magazine, the official magazine of the "international spiritual headquarters" of scientology.

You can see they are making a big deal about their new "7.5 foot diameter world map" with "12-sided polygon locator pinpoints." As always, scientology seem to impress themselves by talking about the size of their maps or details of their toys. It's as gauche as someone telling you "I have 7,000 square feet of hand-made silk rugs in the entrance hall of my 40,000 square foot home — and you paid for it."

This magnificent new map is apparently adjacent to "Embassy Row" which would appear to be a reference to the Potemkin Village of empty storefronts representing scientology's front groups. "Embassy Row"? Seriously