Blog: Meet the Editors - What Is Wrong With Scientology? - 2012-06-10

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F0.png Meet the Editors - What Is Wrong With Scientology? June 10, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

The book What Is Wrong With Scientology is likely to be rather controversial to Scientologists. It addresses some Scientology sacred cows in a fashion that may cause some uneasiness, even among independent Scientologists. Think of this old Zen proverb before shying away: Unless the medicine stuns you, it won't cure the disease.

One of the reasons I asked a couple of Scientology technical experts to serve as editors of the book was to function as a reality check that my radical-at-first-blush ideas were technically sound. Another reason is because in describing what is wrong with Scientology, I tell what Scientology is, or what it was intended to be by L. Ron Hubbard. As you can see below, nobody likely has a better reality on both scores than my two editors.

The Editors of What Is Wrong With Scientology?