Blog: Messin' with the Eights, Part 2 - 2009-10-02

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F0.png Messin' with the Eights, Part 2 October 2, 2009, Jefferson Hawkins, Leaving Scientology

A friend of mine attended the 2006 Maiden Voyage Anniversary, where David Miscavige pressed for all OT VIIIs to join staff. Many did. My friend was one of them.

Why the VIIIs joined staff is pretty obvious. They are committed, dedicated Scientologists. They wanted to help. They wanted to boom the orgs and prepare the way for the release of OT IX and X. And having reached the top of the Bridge, they wanted to help others make it. All of these are commendable motivations.

Why David Miscavige wanted OT VIIIs to run the orgs is less clear.