Blog: Miami Ballpark Completion (not really)... - 2015-08-17

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F376.png Miami Ballpark Completion (not really)... August 17, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Hooray, Miami finally completed their ballpark. I understand from watching Jon Oliver's show that it has fishtanks in the walls behind homeplate (something to do with the team being the Marlins apparently).

Oh, my error. Apparently this has something to do with ideal orgs.

And it seems, in spite of the headline, they didn't actually complete raising the "ballpark figure" — a euphemism for some interim step they can announce as a "completion" — because after a LOOONG time "Mighty Miami" is still not capable of getting and completing an ideal org building. In fact, they constantly tout their "Promise to Ron" (see latest promo piece at the bottom) — but at what point do you actually admit you are never going to fulfill your promise? Let's see, they made the "promise to Ron" back in the mid-70's. That is 40 YEARS. Isn't it time to admit to yourselves and others, that despite having the ONLY tech to salvage mankind, and the ONLY workable administrative technology, and the top 1% of the top 10% of the people on earth and homo novi and OT's, you are simply never going to make it?