Blog: Mike Rinder: "Lady Killer" - 2015-03-14

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F376.png Mike Rinder: "Lady Killer" March 14, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

While the "church" of scientology has kindly nicknamed me "Lady Killer," the strange reason for this deserves some context.

This post also serves to demonstrate the twisted and false nature of the statements, videos, tweets, ads and emails that scientology is sending out to try and "dead agent" everyone involved in the Going Clear film. I am no special case — all participants are getting the same treatment. I happen to have details and specifics concerning the things they say about me. You can be certain the statements about the others are no less false. It is of course interesting that the actual "tech" Miscavige is supposedly following says to DISPROVE the statements made — not to try to discredit the source and ignore the statements made. In that regard, the latest scientology "response" to Going Clear reported in THR yesterday is instructive.

"[scientology] attempts to rip apart Gibney's sources in the film with ad hominem attacks,.. but fails to tackle any major revelation in the film."