Blog: Miscavige's "Streamlined" Grades - 2011-10-13

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F0.png Miscavige's "Streamlined" Grades October 13, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Miscavige talks in fits and starts as some of you all have caught on to. It is the oldest implant technique of them all. It is covered, among other places, in Hubbard's St Hill lecture Instant Reads Part One. Basically, you bore someone to death with some monotony, then you slip in your hypnotic command, then carry on with the monotony.

We've broken down some Miscavige speeches on this blog in the past showing how he pulls this stunt at every event. Well, here is a particularly nasty one he's been laying in for several years now.

Over the past several years Miscavige keeps alluding to his having "cracked" the Grades and figured out how to "streamline" them like never before. He never seems to get around to the big announcement and event release he keeps promising on that score. Instead, he has in a nifty fashion gone ahead and implemented his "streamlined" grades over time. But, another new release from Int (Miscavige's words from the 2004 OT Ambassador secret briefing - read implant) shows Miscavige laid this in on the field "Opinion Leaders" early on, clearly to condition the public in advance. Miscavige talked to them of things he "can't talk about in a public event, like money,..."