Blog: Miscavige's Golden Age "Ridge On The Bridge" - 2013-11-22

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F376.png Miscavige's Golden Age "Ridge On The Bridge" November 22, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Captain Miscavige seems to have steered His sinking ship head on into another iceberg. In his clamor to get everyone to pay again to redo everything they have already done, He has blockaded the routes up the Bridge AND finally euthanized any remaining Field Auditors who survived GAT.

A Special Correspondent has just sent in this report from a tech terminal in CMO LATAM. Apparently the price changes on training in Mexico are overwhelming. They only discussed training data and all figures here are in US Dollars.

The Student Hat currently costs about $200. After the event on Friday, the cost will be $1,300.