Blog: Miscavige's Moral Bankruptcy - 2011-09-23

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F0.png Miscavige's Moral Bankruptcy September 23, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Reference: Miscavige Kills Survival,

That there above is the prize bestowed upon Richie Acunto for having donated TEN MILLION DOLLARS to David Miscavige's war chest. The misuse of those funds has been well documented on this blog over the past two years. For extended periods of time it included around the clock surveillance of the home of Tiziano Lugli, Jamie Sorrentini and their precious daughter Veda.

In December 09 Tiziano and Jamie visited Mosey and I for a week. As a result the church sent operatives literally into the homes of Jamie's grandparents and Tiziano's parents on the East Coast and in Italy to disrupt their family Christmas get togethers, beseeching their parents to disconnect from Jamie and Tiziano.