Blog: Miscavige's Obsession with the Rathbuns - 2014-02-11

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F0.png Miscavige's Obsession with the Rathbuns February 11, 2014, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Many have speculated why the Miscavige obsession with our family is so intense and seemingly inexorable. Miscavige has spent millions in a variety of forums attempting to explain or justify it. The writings on that score in his publications, legal threats to media, and legal pleadings and utterances from his PR hacks and agents - including the deep ranks of expensive attorneys - are so far-ranging, self-contradictory and red herring in nature, that they are unhelpful in discerning the answer to the question: why such an obsession? Yet, the answer is apparent, by the repeated expression of our objectives right here on this blog as well as in a number of media interviews. Below are several excerpts and links to support the ideat that the motivation for Miscavige's mania lies in his need to resurrect the effectiveness of Scientology's domestic terror apparatus.

The record:

September 25 2009, Winds of Change: