Blog: Miscavige's Public Relations Program - 2011-06-16

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F0.png Miscavige's Public Relations Program June 16, 2011, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

What we are seeing in real time on this blog is David Miscavige's Public Relations program played out from coast to coast. Yesterday his six mayonaise sandwich eating OSA volunteers made utter asses of themselves to a number of people never before exposed to the subject of Scientology (including seven local law enforcement officials). Miscavige's proclivity for playing such hijinks is the very reason I began doing something about the problem of Radical Corporate Scientology. After three years of observing the monster from an exterior viewpoint I came to the conclusion that David Miscavige left unchecked would deny the subject of Scientology to future generations by so thoroughly sullying it in the public eye that no one of sane mind would go anywhere near it. So, Miscavige's solution to my solution is to speed up the process and bar no holds in rushing headlong into it. This video captures the scenes they are creating every day now in cities across the country.

(Technical Difficulties)

In the meantime, we identified Neo Norman Bates. He also goes by the name of Jim Moore. Consult your OSA Volunteers list under "Austin" and you will find his name. A Jerry Boswell trained CCHR guy. In the past year, on three occasions when I was half way across the country Moore lurked in the weeds waiting for my wife Mosey to return from a long day's work and commute. He came to her door - with another OSA Volunteer, since Corporate Scientologists do not even go to the bathroom alone - asking accusative questions about me, refusing to identify himself, and leering at her like some repeat sex offender. Three times the punk stalked and attempted to intimidate my wife while I was 1,800 miles away. Now, he is on the streets of Ingleside continuing to leer at my wife and my home, and assaulting my visiting friends.