Blog: Miscavige, the Latam Strategy and Opinion Leaders - 2013-11-08

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F376.png Miscavige, the Latam Strategy and Opinion Leaders November 8, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

SadStateofAffairs made a comment about the Jobur Jackboots that was a blast from the past when he mentioned the "Latam Strategy."

The comment was right on. The Jobur Command Team is exactly following the Latam Strategy. For most of you, this is meaningless, so I will provide a little background that is necessarily abbreviated. The topic is instructive to the current scene.

In the early 80's there was considerable concern by LRH (who was in seclusion) that he and management had lost control of Scientology. There is a LOT of LRH traffic about the "Mission Holder Mutiny" and the Guardian's Office and moonlighting and "org ripoffs" and "external influences." LRH sent some very harsh direction to "quell the revolt" and be ruthless with "the SP's, GO crims and squirrels."