Blog: Miscavige Goon - 2015-10-28

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F376.png Miscavige Goon October 28, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Apparently Footbullet Dave can never be satisfied with shooting himself just once or twice. He just has to keep blasting away like Yosemite Sam on steroids.

A normal person would learn their lesson and not repeat the same idiocy again. But that would be the logic of mere mortals, not big beings like Dave . He "knows" when something he has ordered blows up in his face that it was only because the constant parade of SPs he has working for him have once again deliberately sabotaged his genius plans. So he has them "get it right this time" and do it again.

The Squirrel Busters blow up in his face so he sends them to do it again on camera at LAX. Jenny Linson, Marc Yager and Dave Bloomberg acquitted themselves brilliantly. You can even hear Dave's orders being executed:"the reason it blew up was that the idiots didn't say 'I am dong this personally not on behalf of the church."' You have to tell him he is meaningless and nobody cares about him, it will totally cave him in." More brilliant guidance that resulted in another viral video.