Blog: Miscavige Ribbon Yanking Shrinkage - 2018-10-22

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F376.png Miscavige Ribbon Yanking Shrinkage October 22, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

With no fanfare or pre-announcement (scared of being arrested perhaps?), David Miscavige, the True Leader of scientology snuck into Stuttgart and yanked his ribbon. A month ago.

He made a quick in and out dash into the danger zone of the Federal Republic of Germany.

What is most remarkable is that they managed to get anyone at all to speak on a podium at a scientology event in Germany — but the "dignitaries" were less than stellar, though they did present a problem in that three of them were quite tall. Even with a forced perspective shot of his standing in front of them, size was still an issue. So, it would appear he resorted to his old standby, the applebox. Look at these two images of True Leader and the woman on the right standing at the same podium. The mic moves up and down, but the podium itself and the background elements do not change. And even in this shot she is standing back from the camera and he is leaning towards it.