Blog: Miscavige in Panic Mode - 2018-08-26

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F376.png Miscavige in Panic Mode August 26, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Whenever things get really worrisome in David Miscavige's world he orders everyone to rewatch the 1993 "War Is Over" event.

This is his crowning achievement and he wants to remind everyone what an incredible accomplishment it was. He is convinced this is his "greatest performance" and it makes him look good, which tells you a lot. His tiny figure on that massive stage with flaming sconces taken from the castle in Young Frankenstein projects, in his mind, the image of power he craves.

In truth, it WAS incredible. It should never have happened. And while it is a bulwark in the defensive wall that surrounds scientology and its illegal and improper activities, it is also a point of enormous vulnerability now. Remove this single thing and his world comes tumbling down.