Blog: Money, Money, Money - the Scientology Mantra - 2020-07-23

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F376.png Money, Money, Money - the Scientology Mantra July 23, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

You have to hand it to Michael Lewis. At least he doesn't try to cover up by calling it "expansion" or "prosperity" or "getting at cause." He just comes right out and announces it is all about money.

The Scrooge McDuck image I guess is how he sees the successful person in scientology. Someone with enough money to be able to afford it (which is accurate) — or else it's an artist's rendition of David Miscavige doing what he loves most.

He idiotically claims that he "thought people had somehow outgrown this subject." If you are a scientologist, it is impossible to "outgrow" this subject as you are being constantly harangued to pay for more services, buy more books, donate to the IAS, Ideal Orgs, CCHR, WTH, Applied Scholastics, Drug Free World, Youth for Human Rights and to keep the lights on in your local org or mission. It literally never ends. It's a hallmark of scientologists to always be needing more money to meet the demands — and with the exception of Bob Duggan and a few other whales — they never have enough.