Blog: Monitored By Miscavige - 2013-10-12

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F376.png Monitored By Miscavige October 12, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

I have a bit of a backlog of material that has been sent in by our Special Correspondents. Thanks to everyone who sends in reports and information, if I don't always get to it, please don't stop sending it. I believe it is valuable for the internal activities of the RCS to be made public, and to some extent their fear of people knowing what they are doing is causing them to withdraw even further. ID cards for events. Clampdowns on emails. Worry about who sees what on Facebook. Hardly the program that is going to get new people interested. So, some are being saved from the bankruptcy and abuse by reason of the RCS cutting its own reach out of fear of exposure. It's a losing game.

This email is most interesting because of the first line. It asserts both that building "an auditorium" in PAC is "as LRH intended" (a completely made up concept) and that this is "a super-high-priority project which is being monitored by the top of the org board." Top of the org board of course is He Who Cannot Be Named. It is increasingly the mantra of the sheeple to do/give/think because its "what COB wants." David Wilson made it clear. Now Andrea Kluge is doing the same thing.

And it is very interesting that this auditorium for the largest Sea Org Base on earth is in the hands of the "OT Committee" which is further evidence that Voldemort's hand selected troops these days are composed of PUBLIC Scientologists like David Wilson, Andrea Kluge, John Allender, Ed Bryan etc etc. He gives them their marching orders and like wind-up dolls, away they go.