Blog: Montalvo Update - The Wild, Wild West - 2010-10-09

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F0.png Montalvo Update - The Wild, Wild West October 9, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

Daniel Montalvo continued to be under effective house arrest most of the day. A multi-agent Radical Scientology cult private eye team has had Daniel under surveillance full time since his release. Twice the investigators have made aggressive moves with their vehicles toward Daniel's friend and host Tiziano Lugli.

This evening, Tiziano and Jamie took Daniel to dinner at a cafe on Sunset Blvd. A four car team of Radical Scientology cult investigators leered from across the street. When they finished eating, Tiziano and Jamie approached the PI team. As the two neared the pack of gangsters, team leader Mike Kelly (same guy who lead the JB surveilance team at Tiziano's this summer; and surveilled Mosey's and my arrival at LA International the week before last) screamed like a stuck pig crying he was fearful that Jamie and Tiziano were going to "mug" he and his three hired thugs. Kelly slammed Tiziano's arm knocking his video camera to the ground. Jamie called 911. Twenty LA County Sheriff's Deputies arrived on the scene aiming shotguns at all the PIs and Tiziano and Jamie. Tiziano and the pregnant Jamie were cuffed along with the PIs until the watch commander arrived to sort out what was going on. When they realized it was the Radical Scientology cult PI's at work again, they gave Tiziano and Jamie a head start home detaining the PI's in the meantime.

When the smoke finally cleared, Daniel had vanished.