Blog: Morals, Punishment, Ritual and Chaos - 2012-04-23

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F0.png Morals, Punishment, Ritual and Chaos April 23, 2012, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

How has radical corporate Scientology gone down the chute into chaos?

An ethic, really, is different than a code. People can be beaten into being moral but they can never be beaten into being ethical because an ethic requires a very good estimation of force. You have to be able to judge to be ethical. And one of the first things they tell a people that they only want to be moral — the first thing a ruler will tell a people that he only wants to be moral is to tell them that they mustn't judge anything. And then he lays in a code of morals with a club, you see, and then expects them to live up to it and punishes them if they don't.

- L Ron Hubbard 7 November 1952