Blog: More Bust Exposed Plus Bonus - 2014-06-14

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F376.png More Bust Exposed Plus Bonus June 14, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Here are some new "stats" from Flag proving once again, the great boom is a big bust. Flag, like the rest of the scientology orgs, is on a kamikaze death dive.

The big push at Flag is now on Purif and "Survival Rundown" completions. 4 times as many of them as Clears. Double the number of Super Power completions. The volume is pitiful for a $150 million dollar building and 1500 claimed SO staff...

They claimed to have 200 Super Power Auditors. If they are completing 20 per week, this means the vast majority of these auditors are sitting idle — which is confirmed by the latest Flag OTC Minutes where an announcement was made that Super Power auditors are available in the FSM area to help with call-in and recoveries in the big push to get people onto Purif and SRD!