Blog: More IAS BS - 2019-05-04

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F376.png More IAS BS May 4, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

I wanted my family to be Patrons of the IAS, to support the only religion that is really changing and bettering conditions for mankind planet-wide. I became inspired because it would mean that we would become guardians of our religion and, more broadly, for every being on this planet.

Since our original postulate to become Patrons of the IAS, we have been working towards the status by making regular donations and it was a huge win for us when we recently achieved our Patron. Since then, every member of my family has become more active in Scientology. We are all moving on the Bridge and either helping on staff or on the Johannesburg OT Committee.

The International Association of Scientologists is infinitely valuable towards clearing this planet. Not only are we halting the dwindling spiral through the Fourth Dynamic campaigns, but we are also making delivery of the OT levels in Africa possible through the opening of AOSH Africa!