Blog: More ILO Vultures - 2015-07-11

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F376.png More ILO Vultures July 11, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

These people are absolutely shameless. They can no longer be categorized as the Little Rascals. They are no more than vultures.

Apparently they have decided to "fundraise" directly to public from the "ILO" and they will ask for money for anything and everything. This is either a way to make a little extra income from commissions or it it part of one of the infamous "you out-exchange criminals in the ILO are going to at least pay for your room and board by earning some income selling Basicss/congresses/Ideal Org statuses/IAS statuses/anything at all you can persuade someone to give you money for."

I have already published two previous pitches from this gang of vampires for the New Zealand "ideal org" and "SMP" (KCET studios).