Blog: More OT VIII Pablum - 2019-10-07

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F376.png More OT VIII Pablum October 7, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

I have recently published a few examples of "success stories" from scientology's supreme accomplishment, "New" OT VIII, the ultimate level of the "bridge to total freedom." Spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of your life and you too can share in these same sort of "wins"...

One would expect some pretty mind-blowing stuff from these highly enlightened thetans that have traveled the yellow brick road of promised spiritual freedom and ultimate cause over Matter, Energy, Space and Time. There are a LOT of promises made for the "OT levels" about your ability to operate at total cause, be free from the constraints of your body and earthly presence and attain eternal life.

What amazes me is the forced (as in everyone is required to present one before being allowed to leave the Freewinds) "successes" they are willing to promote. I wonder if they really believe that these published "successes" will entice everyone to scramble, beg, borrow and steal to achieve the holy grail of scientology or if they are simply sending them out because they are "supposed to" and this is all they've got.