Blog: More Proof Scientology Is Not Expanding - 2015-11-15

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F376.png More Proof Scientology Is Not Expanding November 15, 2015, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Every day things arrive in my email from people around the world that highlight the absurdity of the scientology bubble.

Many of them concern the claimed "straight up and vertical" international expansion Miscavige talks about at every event. You know, international expansion greater in the last 437.3 days than the 12,469,873.2 minutes cumulative previously... 12 million scientologists. New orgs opening everywhere. Governments fully adopting scientology. LRH tech pervading society. More awards for Hubbard than any many or beast in history. Square inches of new marble inlaid. Specks of duct removed from frames of film. You can just keep rattling them off.

Well, yesterday, a couple of new ones arrived in my inbox.