Blog: More Ribbon Yankings - 2018-03-24

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F376.png More Ribbon Yankings March 24, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Yanking those ribbons has become a staple of scientology internal propaganda. Of course, though this is their proudest moment demonstrating their massive international expansion, no outsiders are ever allowed to attend and there is massive security presence to ensure they cannot.

These are often timed to coincide with events — either a few weeks before in order to include in the upcoming event, or shortly afterwards for the convenience of the Chairman of the Bored (as in Amsterdam, Birmingham and Ireland most recently). Now, with the March 13th standing-ovation-athon done and dusted (one of my favorite British idioms) it is likely Miscavige is in his winter residence in the corner turret of the SP Building right in Clearwater.

It remains to be seen if he will grace the masses with his presence for such a non-event. But then again, two years ago he yanked his ribbon in front of the West Coast Building and the old Lee Arnold building across from the Clearwater library — perhaps the emptiest building in the history of scientology after Bonnie View (L. Ron Hubbard's mansion at Golden Era)...