Blog: More Scientology Fail - 2013-09-28

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F376.png More Scientology Fail September 28, 2013, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

After more than THIRTY YEARS, they STILL aren't close to their target of 10,000 onto (or through) OT VII.

And believe me, this "6300" INCLUDES anyone on or through OT VII that is READING THIS BLOG. Also everyone who has dropped their body. Or who is a "Black Tag" (ie "off the level"). This 6300 also includes all Sea Org members who have made it through OT VI by some miracle (though in 30 years, if anyone cared, every SO member on earth could have been gotten up to OT VII and according to the PR statements of the church there are more than 5000 Sea Org members).

Of course, nobody in the bubble sees the contradiction — "straight up and vertical expansion" never equates to any real stats and this is one of the few that have ever been made public. Neither has 10 years of "Ideal Orgs" "Clearing the Planet" hasn't changed the number on OT VII.