Blog: More Stats From The Bubble - 2014-02-25

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F376.png More Stats From The Bubble February 25, 2014, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

This is another unintentionally revealing look at the true state of affairs with GAG II.

It makes a graveyard seem like a bustling hive of activity.

First — 90 Student Hat Completions (supposedly a GUARANTEED two week course) means that this is the size of the existing active AOSHUK field. Everyone had to redo this course (you can bet that the 90 did not include any NEW comps as they admit they didnt do 90 in the 7 previous years). Funny how this is what they hype — at an AOSH they are proud of their Student Hat Completions and that this is 30X. They have 30Xed something that didnt even need to be done by anyone at an AOSH since the dawn of time as nobody would arrive for the BC or OT levels who had not done the course at their local org when they first started. Woohoo! In 3 months they have scraped together 90 public from the entire UK. (You can almost guarantee there are staff included in these figures too — though not many as staff in the SO traditionally do very little study, their enhancement when it occurs consists almost exclusively of sec checks).