Blog: More Words from Ron - 2018-08-15

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F376.png More Words from Ron August 15, 2018, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

Here is some more gibberish from L. Ron Hubbard — taking a "small bit" from OT VIII to explain that because drugs "threaten the body" a thetan reacts by "mocking up." "Of course," Hubbard says without explaining why it is "of course," he mocks up more reactive mind (why exactly instead of something good?) and thus "under threat" he goes "out of present time."

Whatever. This is a lot of assertions about what happens in just a few words... All of accepted as gospel truth though there is nothing cited to explain this. "Ron says" and so it is true.

Someone at Celebrity Centre thinks this is brilliant and explains a lot about the human condition.