Blog: More Words of Wisdom from Ron - 2019-09-30

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F376.png More Words of Wisdom from Ron September 30, 2019, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

It is quite remarkable the level of foolishness a devoted scientologist is willing to accept if it is the words of "Ron."

As I have mentioned often, all that is required for any scientologist to buy into the most incredible statements is to attach the letters LRH to the end of the sentence. It is so absurd that it is seen as especially "impinging" if the statement is nonsense on its face. This seems to be proof that the "LRH quote" is profound — something us mere mortals perhaps don't have the capacity to comprehend. The condescending "good scientologist" will assume the knowing look of "how could you not see the brilliance of this - you obviously have misunderstood words if you don't see the truth of this brilliant piece of "tech"."

Sea Org members are so indoctrinated into this that they devote hours and hours to searching out the most outrageous and ridiculous sounding "LRH quotes" to use to sell his stuff. If you asked the person who selected this quote to explain what it means they would of course be unable to. So why choose it? Because it creates a "mystery sandwich" — something Hubbard said is good for selling anything. You confuse people and they think there is more to find out so they can understand it.