Blog: More on NOI - 2017-09-18

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F376.png More on NOI September 18, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

I dont know what the run-of-the-mill NOI member thinks about this weird mashup of scientology and the NOI, but I do know what L. Ron Hubbard would say.

Mixing practices = squirrel. And there is no doubt this fits squarely within the Hubbard definition of "mixing practices." Since when does rising up the Tone Scale equate to the "thinking of God"? And what does Doubting Thomas have to do with the Reactive Mind — Thomas refusing to believe Jesus had risen from the dead without seeing proof is the reactive mind at work?

Hey RTC — why aren't you doing your job? They are even using your Trademarked terms without attribution? Somehow the NOI is allowed to do what nobody else is allowed to do? They go berserk if a scientologist uses "the technology" without acknowledging L. Ron Hubbard and paying a royalty. Let alone an "independent scientologist"...