Blog: More on Similarities, Differences, and Identities - 2017-05-27

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F376.png More on Similarities, Differences, and Identities May 27, 2017, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

If we're all free-willed spiritual beings—L. Ron Hubbard called us, "thetans"—with god-like powers, including cause over matter, energy, space, and time, then why are we all so similar? Relative to the immense size of the universe and the diversity that must exist, everyone here on Earth is practically identical. And not just physically.

Wouldn't you think there'd be more variety amongst the sentient beings on this planet after trillions of years? Or did we all simply "decide" to play the "being human" game and surrender our most precious abilities?

Wouldn't you think that with over seven and half billion thetans inhabiting planet Earth, at least a few rebels would have mocked up another game, or at least changed up the rules a bit? Mocked up different bodies? Added a pair of wings to their terrestrial bodies? Chose to walk around on four legs instead of two? Decided on a better game than war?