Blog: More on independent thought and Scientology - 2010-09-21

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F0.png More on independent thought and Scientology September 21, 2010, Marty Rathbun, Moving On Up a Little Higher

One of the first things I read upon my introduction to Scientology was the essay Personal Integrity (taken from a tape transcript, excerpts from which I am sure I posted many months ago). Even though I did some very unkind and irrational things under the culture of culthood that Church "management" had morphed into, I always studied Scientology and any other subjects with the LRH advice I received initially in Personal Integrity in mind.

Now, in the cult culture Personal Integrity has been cancelled tacitly with an atomic branding iron for some time now. Since LRH wrote and taped so many words critics can have, and still have, a field day with pointing out apparent contradictions. And Miscavige has had a field day creating a cult by focusing solely on out of context lines that seem to justify his atrocious hatred for humanity and mission to make the TECH unworkable.

The final word by L Ron Hubbard on how to study TECH and the OEC (Policy) volumes is to assimalite it all, become adept at using it toward a POSITIVE RESULT and then after a while one will be able to simply "play the piano" with it; that is use it naturally toward POSITIVE RESULTS without having to remember individual lines to justify or direct one's making of music.