Blog: My Recent Chat With Dr. Susie Meister - 2020-06-17

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F376.png My Recent Chat With Dr. Susie Meister June 17, 2020, Mike Rinder, Something Can Be Done About It

I recently spoke with my old friend Dr. Susie Meister on her Brain Candy podcast. Susie has interviewed me before and it's always enjoyable and she asks the best questions. She may not look like the stereotypical Religious Studies PhD, but she is one smart cookie. She is perhaps more well-known for her MTV reality show appearances back before she became a religious scholar, and in this case we talked a lot about "reality" TV and making The Aftermath.

Interestingly, and entirely coincidentally, Susie's husband, Adam, was a Sound Engineer on The Aftermath. He is as nice and as smart as she is.

You can listen to the podcast here— it's just over half an hour. Hope you enjoy it.