Blog: My Scientology Superpowers Challenge - 2018-05-24

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F0.png My Scientology Superpowers Challenge May 24, 2018, Chris Shelton, Critical Thinker at Large

In many of the videos I've made over the past few years about Scientology and in many of the comments to those videos, the subject of Scientology bringing about supernatural abilities and spiritual perceptions has come up. This is by design, since L. Ron Hubbard, the founder and self-named source of all of the principles and claims of Scientology, stated in many of his writings and lectures that Scientology would definitely and umistakeably increase one's spiritual state of awareness and ability. I thought it's time to challenge some of these statements.

We live in what some have called the "post truth" era where lies are spoken as easily as we breath and this kind of open door policy to deception is what allows destructive cults to flourish in the first place. Hubbard was a pathological liar and he made millions of dollars from gullible people who believed his lies for no other reason than they wanted a better life for themselves and their families and for everyone. Sure, you can laugh at Scientologists and call them idiots, but who among us has never believed lies we've been told?

The problem with Scientology is not with Scentologists who want to improve themselves or the world. It's with people like L. Ron Hubbard and David Miscavige, who take advantage of them. Despite all the work we critics and journalists have done to expose Scientology, to this day people still fall for this nonsense and invest millions of their hard-earned dollars and waste years of their lives chasing a fantasy. As more of this has been exposed, fewer are falling for it and yet there are still people walking in to Churches of Scientology and being conned. The truth about this and what every other destructive cult out there is doing needs to be told and it needs to be heard. So let's take a good hard look at what Scientology claims it can do and let's look at why these are lies.